Mexter SunOasis provides Energy Solutions for Green Initiatives. We promote the use of:
1. Energy Saving Solutions to reduce the energy management costs of facilities and improve the energy efficiency of electrical equipment.

2. Renewable Energy Solar PV Systems and Components.
Significant energy saving is always achieved by studying and breaking down the energy requirements of a facility with various amenities that consumes power. This involves collecting and analysing energy consumption data to identify opportunities to reduce energy costs. A solution is then customized to fit and can range from replacing fluorescent lighting with LEDs to supplementing chiller control systems with high technology cost savings components to reducing reliance on the electrical grid by installing Solar PV Hybrid Systems.

Hanging a long term energy management strategy is essential in value creation in today's highly competitive and ecologically minded world, companies and organizations are driven by the need to conserve natural resources and increase usage of renewable energy sources. Mexter SunOasis can help your organization achieve these and more.