Fan coil units are the key component of any central HVAC systems as either chilled or hot water goes through the coil, thus producing either cold or warm air for air-conditioning and heating respectively.

About Mictronics

In year 2007, The Federal Government of the U.S.A., passed an Act, EISA Section 432, and stipulated “By 2020, all federal buildings must be designed to achieve “Zero Net Energy”

By 2030, all new commercial buildings of the nation must attain the goal of “Zero Net Energy” while the State of California will push forward the policy by 2025.

In Europe, Directive 2010/31/EU Article 9 requires that “Member States shall ensure that “By 31 December, 2020, all new buildings are nearly Zero-Energy buildings and - After 31 December, 2018, new buildings occupied and owned by public authorities are nearly Zeroenerg buildings.”

In Asia, efforts towards Zero Net Energy have been witnessed among various government buildings.

Hence the birth of Mictronics.

Mictronics’s predecessor, Miya, started its history in year 1996 developing and manufacturing EU standard electronic ballasts, followed by developing and manufacturing drivers.

Mr Jackson Chack and Dr Albert So are the co-founders of Mictronics. With their passion and pledge to help the world achieve sustainable energy efficiency, Mictronics has since moved downstream to produce high quality energy savings products and solutions, mainlytargeting at commercial and industrial organisations.

Their flagship products include
a. the award-winning and patented mFCS®, and
b. high-efficacy high durability LED lightings.

The Mictronics team is equipped with highly aspiring and qualified talents, including energy assessors and R & D engineers, to continuously innovate and create – Towards A Sustainable World.