Do you use solar energy only during the day time? Do you sell back your remaining solar energy? If you use an Energy Storage System (ESS), you can use clean energy anytime.

Given the decrease of electricity selling price and the increase of its buying price, self-consumption of solar energy generated at home is a smart way to save energy cost. Come experience the eco-friendly ESS of Samsung SDI, which offers PV’s best friend helping self-consumption of energy at home.

About Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI’s ESS is based on world best lithium–ion cells applied in cutting edge IT devices and automotive. Samsung SDI batteries adhere to the same strict quality assurance standards demanded of global premium automotive companies and large scale utilities. You can safely use ESS in the long term with these reliable batteries.

In addition, its web monitoring system enables easy checking of ESS operation, such as the amount of PV generation, battery usage as well as battery’s charging and discharging status. The web-monitoring is connected to a local service center to provide error detection in advance and remote control.